Online Payment

Beginning in 2018, the Milton Regional Sewer Authority is AGGRESSIVELY working on collections of past due sewer accounts. You will be given a chance to bring your account current with a past due notice. Once we send certified letters notifying you of water shut off, your account MUST be paid in full. No partial payments will be allowed. If your account is not paid in full by the water shut off date, PA American Water will be notified to shut off your water and it will not be turned back on until you bring your account current.


Payments are processed through an outside processor so when you click below you will be taken to that page. There will be a convenience fee added to your transaction to cover processing costs. This fee is 3.00% with a minimum of $3.00.

Click here to make your payment.

Most monthly sewer bills are calculated by using the previous month’s water meter usage readings as provided by Pennsylvania American Water. Minimum Operating and Maintenance Charges are based on 2400 gallons or less of water usage monthly. Over 2400 gallons is charged at $3.50 per 1000 gallons.