Sewer Service Permit

Milton Regional Sewer Authority (MRSA) customers will need to complete an application for a Sanitary Sewer Service Permit in order to connect to the public sewer system.

This permit will need to be completed and the appropriate tap/connection fee paid prior to occupying the home. These fees vary by sewer district and the number of Equivalent Dwelling Units (EDU’S) the property will have. Once the sewer lateral is installed by the homeowner (or their contractor), an MRSA employee will inspect the installation of the lateral. You will need to follow the installation guidelines of the MRSA. Please call the MRSA 48 business hours before the required inspection.

Replacement of existing laterals also require a permit, inspection fee and inspection of the lateral installation.

Please call the MRSA at (570) 742-3424 with any questions you have.